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ul. Kopernika 35a, 76-200 Słupsk
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
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76-200 Słupsk
ul. Kopernika 35a
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
Development Design Sp. z o.o. Słupsk

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
We wish to inform you that our company has adopted a Charter of Rights, which stilluses 573 real estate agents throughout the country. The project has been designed to get the service they provide brokers and property managers gathered in PREF, wereat the highest level. Moreover, this is another step to ensure that fraudulent activities, and above all non-professional, which is still practiced in our market. In addition, wenoted that a quality system PREF.

                             *Customer Charter is available in the office of Development Design Sp. Z o.o. at. Kopernika 35 A in Slupsk 


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