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ul. Kopernika 35a, 76-200 Słupsk
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
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76-200 Słupsk
ul. Kopernika 35a
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
Development Design Sp. z o.o. Słupsk

Development Design ltd.

About us

Development Design ltd. is a company with tradition and has specialized in the architecture and construction works continuously since 2000. Earlier known as KRISBUD KRZYSZTOF KISIEL the company gained experience consequently and due to the dynamic development a new company was created in 2007 to be known as Development Design. We aim to continue our tradition offering a wide array of services concerning real estate turnover.

Development Design ltd. specializes in the following areas:

architecture and construction

- designing

- workmanship

- construction supervision

- price estimates

- geodetic measurements

- building equipment renting

 real estate turnover:

- apartments

- commercial buildings

- investment grounds, recreational facilities and building plots.


Over the years we have developed an area of expertise always keeping our main focus on hireing a team of high skilled craftsmen allowing us the realization of every project we undertook. The company’s long standing experience has gained lots of satisfied customers. The individual approach and attention to the details makes us able to exceed your expectations even with untypical projects.

We are a professional company specializing in real estate services. Among others we offer advice in law, finances and bank loans concerning real estate matters. We guarantee diligent service and safety of our transactions. We will gladly accompany you throughout the steps of real estate searching or preparing accurate and attractive selling offer, as well as contract conditions negotiations until its signing. Our expertise of the business and continuous knowledge deepening in real estate subject allows us to adjust our services to your changeable preferences.

What differs us from others  … ?

Most of all it is the effective process in which we promote selling real estates. Press marketing is the basic tool of our advertising strategy, for it surely is the most popular form of promotion and at the same time the most effective one. That’s why we publish about 20 000 leaflets containing real estate offers per month. The leaflets are available in one of the most popular newspapers (weekly) published in Slupsk city and in the surrounding area. In addition, the leaflets can be found in several different places like bank posts, markets and even small shops localized in housing estate areas. 

Apart from leaflets, we invest in real estate effective marking, by putting up advertising banners on buildings (with client permission).

Another promoting tool is real estate on-line marketing. Our offers can be found in local, nationwide as well as worldwide advertising portals.  

Certainly, out of concern for our transactions, we verify the legal state of each real estate.


What about the provision?

Provision is negotiated with every client individually. The type of signed contract and the real estate price have the most significant influence on provision amount, although that never exceeds the level of 3% of the value of the real estate. The fact that is worth mentioning is that only one side involved in transaction (buying, selling, renting) is charged with provision, thanks to this the costs of real estate are not rising drastically and the offer still has an attractive price.



We’d like to inform You that we’re the members of:


Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF)


Pomeranian Real Estate Agents Association (SPPON)


We’d like to inform that Development Design ltd. takes out the insurance in civil liability matter. Policy number: 901005471112.

Real estate agent professional licence number: 12738
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