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Why exclusive clause agreement?

Here are five most important benefits that can be taken from signing an exclusive clause agreement.


When signing an exclusive clause agreement with a trustworthy agent, the one who will bear full business, civil and criminal responsibility, You can be sure that Your address as well as personal data won’t be intercepted by an unauthorized person. The office of Your choice will each time check the identity of the client, who is interested in Your offer, as well as get the information concerning his financial capability and in case of necessity will help to receive a loan. The agent who is responsible for the transaction course, will make every effort to assure that the buying/selling process is going well. In case of a damage causing situation, You can always use the job insurance that is in Your agent’s possession.


Signing an exclusive clause agreement will not only assure the agent’s financial engagement, in form of publishing press and on-line advertisements, leaflets or banners, but also his personal engagement. In case, the agent is sure about him being paid for his work, he will do his best to finish transaction as soon as possible, by using his knowledge as well as all the promotion tools available to him. This type of agreement will also allow you to get to many more clients than when using an open agreement, this is because of the offer exchange system used by hundreds of agencies, which helps an offer to reach greater number of agents and potential buyers. To sum up, signing an exclusive clause agreement is the basic condition of effectiveness, for no one will make an effort not being sure about his payment.


When choosing an exclusive clause agreement, You will become an individually serviced client and Your offer will surely not be neglected. Your time will be spared. There will be no need for planning meetings with other agents and negotiating conditions with each one of them. You also won’t have to make your real estate available for many agents so that they could make a photographic documentation or waste Your time on people who will come to see Your real estate but are not really interested in buying anything. When signing an exclusive agreement, You choose one trustworthy agent, who will personally take care of an entrusted real estate. That agent will make a preliminary selection of people interested in Your offer and inform them about the condition of Your real estate as well as the conditions of transaction. Those who are interested in something different from what You offer will be excluded and You won’t have to spend Your time on them. If required, Your agent will complete all the documents needed to finalize the transaction and will make an appointment with a notary.


One important benefit from concluding an exclusive clause agreement is gaining the most attractive selling price. This is because You can avoid the phenomenon of agencies pushing up prices , this is also beneficial for real estate sellers since their offers are not losing their credibility and thus interest of potential buyers. An agent who has his payment guaranteed by an exclusive clause agreement will negotiate for You the most attractive price, for it is the price which is the base of his provision. Thus, he won’t be interested in quick selling so that he can beat the other agencies, but in obtaining the highest price possible. Finding the most creditable investment is, in that case, in agent’s interest.


These are the reasons why it is very beneficial to choose an exclusive clause agreement, thus contribute satisfaction to You and us. It is satisfaction which is our overriding goal and it’s satisfaction to what we aspire by improving the quality of our service so that we can meet your requirements.

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