Development Design Development Design
ul. Kopernika 35a, 76-200 Słupsk
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
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76-200 Słupsk
ul. Kopernika 35a
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
Development Design Sp. z o.o. Słupsk


We own building qualifications which allow us to design, that is why our firm can provide designing and individual and large building service.

We make out projects of single family buildings, homesteads, public buildings, industrial buildings and many others. We make out projects concerning construction, building, sanitary and electrical solutions. We also adapt projects of repeatable buildings and make out plans of developing the plots needed for the building realization.

Additionally, we make out projects of renovation and adaptation of monuments, we have conservator’s qualifications and we specify in historical buildings.

Some of our realizations:


Project of “Biedronka” Supermarket building, situated on Lutowslawskiego street, Slupsk


Project of chemist supermarket “Rossman” building, situated on Mickiewicza street, Slupsk


Project of bathroom store “Wema” building situated on Szczecińska street, Slupsk

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