Development Design Development Design
ul. Kopernika 35a, 76-200 Słupsk
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
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76-200 Słupsk
ul. Kopernika 35a
tel. fax 59 842 17 52
kom. 606 616 102
kom. 606 916 506
Development Design Sp. z o.o. Słupsk


Our crew consists of well qualified engineers, trained building and office workers. In our work, we successfully use the newest technology and respect the building law but most of all we put emphasis on finishing our works on time. Regular improvement of the quality of our service makes our work meet international standards.  
Thanks to our versatility, we can offer You not only practical investment realization, but also professional consultancy, official formality carrying out, help concerning loan receiving and building works supervision.

We would also like to mention that owing to the fact that we have conservator’s qualifications we successfully perform conservator’s works and historical architecture adaptations.

Our realizations:


Aircraft shelter demolition in Kossakowo - Gdynia city’s airport,


Renovation of the City Llibrary building’s elevation, Grodzka street, Slupsk


Renovation of High School number 2 building’s elevation, Mickiewicza street, Slupsk

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